Success Stories - Mechanical Engineering

A prestigious global project of product development for Air-conditioner grills. This project demands thorough understanding and skills of product development and plastic molding to convert the conceptual design to engineering data. This electronic CAD data was further utilized for creating the rapid prototype (STL technique) and plastic injection moulds.

The challenge in this project was to convert legacy data from Medusa to Pro/E to eliminate assembly problems such as multiple interferences & clearances. Axis design team chose Pro sheetmetal to accomplish the task and worked out stringent quality standards and creation procedures. Axis completed the project to customer’s satisfaction well before agreed the delivery schedule.

The intricacies of modeling the Steering Knuckle component for a well known Indian Automobile company was assigned to Axis as a recognition for it’s proficiency in modeling and detailing. Axis used Pro/Cast module to accomplish the task. Cope, drag and core box were extracted from the 3D model to complete the casting tooling.

Axis understands customer’s project deadline & the importance of time to market in this competitive world. Axis follows quality policy in line with most of the present day quality standards. Task definition, process plan planning, Highest QC standards, customer feed back, refining standards etc . are some of the regular activities at Axis. This process approach to our business made Axis India a favorite for many customers across the world. This complex multi-part transmission assembly is an example of high quality work within a stipulated time frame.

As a quest for expanding technical expertise to reverse engineering and Tool design, Axis India successfully executed a switch assembly project. A switch assembly consisting of multiple parts was modeled using reverse engineering data. They were checked in the assembly for functionalities. Tool Design was done for all the parts. The result was more than 98% conformance in the first trial.

The test results are promising, after first tiral we got. This includes industrtial IC technology upgrade.

In a constant endeavor to assist the customer in achieving difficult tasks like creating models for complex profiles, Axis India extends its expertise to new areas.

As an example, this reverse engineering project in which white light scanned data was utilized to create 3D model of tools parts.

Axis specializes in extracting 2D drawings and detailing from 3D models to meet the customer’s demand. Axis India poses the rich experience of detailing multiple numbers of Engine and related components adhering to company's drafting standards.

Success Stories - Civil/Architectural Engineering

This project was to convert manual map data to digital atlas using Microstation for one of our reputed customer's in the US. As a part of this project, Axis had converted nearly 250 maps in a stipulated time frame. We have done similar mapping job to customers in US and UK.

Axis serves as a drafting studio for Architects and Civil Engineers to serve their day to day drafting and detailing needs. These services include preparation of conceptual and presentation drawings, working drawings, submission drawings and all kinds of facility layout drawings. Axis is a trusted CAD services company to a number of Architects and Civil Engineers in the US, UK and Europe for guaranteed quality and timely delivery schedule.

Commended as one amongst the best-managed projects we have done so far, TPS –Madrid airport facilities layout project stands for Axis ability to achieve timely delivery schedule with huge volumes of job. Axis submitted 400 drawing in 3months of time with high quality to the customer.

As a part of architectural studio services, Axis develops 3D building and interior models to visualize the structures prior to their construction.